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What do we know about alcohol

We face with alcohol everywhere. Every day we are assailed by beer and other alcoholic drinks ads and commercial from the screens of our TV. Alcohol sells everywhere. Our relatives, parents, neighbors, men and women take alcohol. Why, what is the problem? Is the alcohol that is taken by everyone with pleasure so harmful and unhealthy?

What the alcohol is:

  • neat alcohol is a transparent liquid without color and smell;
  • alcohol is obtained as a result of sugar skimming that is contained for example in grapes, wheat, or potato;
  • any alcoholic drink contains alcohol, and also water and other substances that add alcohol color and smell;
  • alcoholic drinks differ in alcohol concentration. The more alcohol they contain, the stronger liquors are. Concentration of alcoholic drinks is measured in volume percents of alcohol content in drink. For example, beer contains about 3-5 volume percents of alcohol, wine — 12-18 volume percents, strong drinks — 30-40 volume percents;
  • alcohol is a narcotic substance. Small doses of alcohol inhibit brains activity and cause organism relaxation effect;
  • in large doses alcohol acts like a toxic substance that destroys liver, brains, and entails alcohol dependence syndrome or simply alcoholism.
  • Large doses of alcohol may entail death.
Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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STOP drink alcohol!
What do we know about alcohol
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