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Popular delusions about tobacco

Some people believe that if a person smokes, but does not inhale tobacco smoke into lungs, it is possible to avoid negative influence of smoking. Indeed one inhales smoke even if he or she simply holds a cigarette in arms. That is why it does not matter whether a person inhales smoke directly or not, it will penetrate into his or her lungs. Conclusion: it is harmful to smoke without inhaling too.

Some people do not doubt that cigarettes with filter are safe. In reality, it does not matter whether a person use cigarettes with filter, or without it, cigarettes with a cardboard holder, pipes, or simply uses chewing tobacco all these things are harmful. Smoke of any tobacco products contains toxic substances that may cause cancer. There are no safe cigarettes. Conclusion: cigarettes with filter are harmful too.

Other people are sure that if one chews tobacco instead of smoking, everything will be all right with his or her health. It has been already proved that tobacco chewing is harmful too. Chewing tobacco contains toxic substances and products that may cause cancer too. Conclusion: chewing tobacco is harmful like cigarettes.

There are some people, who are sure that temperate tobacco smoking do not make harm at all. But it is known that it does not matter whether you smoke much or not. Nicotine causes dependence that may develop even after two cigarettes. Nicotine, resins, carbon monoxide, penetrates into human organism even with first cigarette. Conclusion: Temperate smoking is harmful to health.

Some women and men as well are sure that smoking is a good way to weight loss. Those who smoke are afraid to flash out if they stop smoking. Researchers have proved that nicotine depresses appetite. However smoking will not solve a problem of overweight. A lot of smokers also have excess weight. Problem of excess weight may be solved with the help of balanced feeding. You may eat for example low-calorie food, fruits and vegetables. Apples and carrot are the best way to maintain optimal weight. Conclusion: smoking is not a way to weight loss.

Mainly teenagers think that if they smoke they become more attractive and can please girls. But it is not necessary to smoke to impress on them. The majority of young girls do not like when boys smoke, because they smell not well. Boys and men do not like women, who smoke too. Conclusion: Smoking does not mean attractiveness.

Some young girls think that they look very elegant with a cigarette in their hands, like actresses in motion pictures. Indeed tobacco companies allocate great amounts of money including on films to attract more consumers to buy more cigarettes for the benefit of companies. As a rule, women smoke in films according to the screen, but they do not smoke in common life, saving their health. Conclusion: Smoking wont make you elegant.

Some teenagers are aware that it is not difficult to stop smoking. They think they could play about with cigarettes for a little and then will get rid of this habit. The truth is that when a person starts to smoke the balance of substances changes in is brains, and there develops dependence, i.e. the person begins feel constant thirst for smoking. It becomes too difficult to stop smoking. Conclusion: it is very difficult to stop smoking.

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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