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Popular delusions about alcohol

People often find excuses to their behavior, even when they take alcohol. All people (including your relatives, friend, and neighbors) could tell you about how alcohol influences your organism and give you a lot of advices what to do in case you have drunk too much. Of cause you want to believe in their words, but remember that they are not always true. We want you to know all the truth.

Hangover. A lot of people are convinced, that if one has a hangover it is necessary to take a drink "the morning after". A liver can remove only 10 ml of alcohol per hour from a human organism. By drinking another portion of alcohol a man only increases the load on "overloaded" liver. Nor additional portion of alcohol, nor coffee, nor open air will not bring you actual sobering. The truth is that time is the only medicine from hangover. Alcohol will b removed from a human organism only over a definite period of time. Having a hangover a man should avoid alcohol during two days to give his organism a kind of "rest".

Alcohol wont help you to solve your problems. Some people think that alcohol can help to become oblivious and not to think about problems. But you can forget about your problems only for today, and tomorrow they will remind you about themselves. You will use alcohol every time you want to forget about your problems youll become an alcoholic. The truth is that alcohol wont solve your problems but will entail new one alcoholism and scorn of people around you.

Beer. Some people believe that they can take beer in any amount they want without any risk for their health, because beer is a low-alcohol drink. The truth is that 330 ml of beer (one beer can), 150 ml of wine (one goblet) and 40 ml of vodka (one glass) contain equal amount of alcohol. Now think, whether you can drink any amount of beer you want?

You can die from alcohol. People consider that they cannot die from alcohol, that they can drink alcohol in any amount. But the truth is that one can die even from a small dose of alcohol if his liver or heart will not sustain it.

About doses of taken alcohol and limits. Some people, especially young, sincerely believe that alcohol do no harm. That is why people go overboard while drinking alcohol. They cannot define where to stop. They cannot define doses neither in grams, no in milliliters. They think they should stop only when their friends deliver drunken companions home. The truth is that such condition is not a limit. Moreover alcohol influence on ones organism depends on weight and age of drunken person. Teenagers are often lighter than grownups. Therefore young people could not drink the same amount of alcohol as grownups do.

Limits are determined by alcohol unit in European countries. In its turn this unit is determined in grams and milliliters. 1 alcohol unit is equal to 10 ml of pure alcohol. There are 1,5 units of alcohol in a 330 ml bottle of beer with a strength equal to 4%-5%. The same rate of alcohol equal to 1,5 ml contains in 150 ml glass of wine with a strength equal to 11%-12%. And the same is with vodka. 40 ml glass of vodka with a strength equal to 40% contains same 1,5 alcohol units. If a grown up regularly takes more than 3 units of alcohol he or she does harm to his or her health.

About alcoholic drinks mixtures. Some people believe that it is possible to mix different alcoholic drinks in any way they like. But the truth is that mixing of different drinks especially surrogates is life-threatening procedure.

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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