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Stop! Throw cigarette away! Do not smoke!Nicotine addiction and alcoholismThink better of it! Refuse from alcoholic drinks!

What happens with those who smoke tobacco

When a person lights up cigarette, nicotine penetrates in blood through lungs. Eight seconds later nicotine starts to influence upon brain.

At first nicotine causes excitement and then starts to inhibit processes of nervous system.

Nicotine enhances tachycardia, causes vasoconstriction and increases blood pressure. Note that daily cardiac beat of a smoker is on 15-20 thousand beats higher, than that of nonsmoker. Besides, smokerís heart pumps daily on 1500 liters of blood more than the heart of nonsmoker. That is why the heart overstrains and this promotes heart diseases development. Some of such disease may lead to death.

Resin penetrates into organism together with nicotine. It accumulates on lungsí walls. We wonít exaggerate if we say that a smoker "eats resin with a spoon". If a person smokes a pack of cigarettes a day he or she eats 700 gm of resin a year.

Carbon monoxide penetrates in blood through lungs too. This gas blocks oxygen penetration into all organs of human organism. Muscles weaken and there appear the state of lassitude because of oxygen deficit. Carbon monoxide content in blood of those who smoke is 15 times higher than in blood of those who do not smoke at all.

If a person makes his fist attempt to smoke, he or she may faint away, there may appear feeling of sickness, or vomiting.

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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