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Stop! Throw cigarette away! Do not smoke!Nicotine addiction and alcoholismThink better of it! Refuse from alcoholic drinks!

What does the influence of alcohol on human organism depend on

Alcohol influence on human organism depends on:

  • human weight and height: the shorter is a man and the lighter his or her weight is the more quickly a person gets drunk. Childrenís and teenagersí organisms are not developed yet. They have lighter weight than grown-ups do, and they are sometimes even shorter. That is why alcoholic inebriation comes much more quickly;
  • personís sex: while drinking equal amount of alcohol women become drunk more quickly than med do. Women are often shorter and lighter than men. Womanís organism contains less water. Metabolic processes flow in another way. If a women abuse alcohol problems with health will appear much earlier than the problems with menís health;
  • time interval between meal and alcoholic drinks abuse: the larger is the interval between meal and alcohol the stronger is alcoholic inebriation. People are always become drunk empty stomach;
  • strength of alcoholic drinks and specific character of gas in them: strong drinks, for example vodka, or beady liquors, for example champagne, are more quickly absorbed in blood. Thus people become drunk quickly taking strong and beady liquors;
  • amount of alcohol: the more people drink, the more drunk they become;
  • how quickly a person has taken his alcoholic drink: the more quickly you will take it the more quickly youíll become drunk.
Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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