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What do we actually know about tobacco and smoking

We face with tobacco smoking every day. It seemed there are no problems with this. Does smoking really make harm to our organism? What is a cigarette and what does tobacco smoke consist of? Cigarette is dried and pounded in a special way leafs of tobacco, wrapped into thin cigarette paper. Tobacco smoke of one cigarette contains more than 4000 different chemical compounds. Many of them are harmful to our health, and many are even toxic. 43 compounds may provoke cancer.

The most well-known toxic substances are:

  • Nicotine is contained in tobacco leafs. Penetrating human organism with tobacco smoke nicotine acts as a powerful and fast drug, causing smoking dependence.
  • Waste, or carbon monoxide causes head ache, in some cases even death.
  • Acetone (generally is used to remove nail polish).
  • Ammonium (is used in dry-cleaning as a cleaning material).
  • Cadmium (is usually used in batteries, often causes liver, kidneys and brain cells injuries).

Substances that may provoke cancer appearance are the following:

  • Resin is dark and clammy substance that accumulates in lungs.
  • Benzine, or petroleum (is a fuel, which cars are often filled with).
  • Formaldehyde (is used for embalming of bodies).
Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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What do we actually know about tobacco and smoking
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