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Stop! Throw cigarette away! Do not smoke!Nicotine addiction and alcoholismThink better of it! Refuse from alcoholic drinks!

What a teenager should do in order not to smoke

First: it is necessary to know the whole truth about smoking and our project will help you with this.

Secondly: in spite of ads, commercials and films, where favorite actors always smoke, it is necessary to know that the majority of teenagers, young people, grownups, and sportsmen do not smoke.

Thirdly: it is better to do exercises or to go in for favorite kind of sports, to go in for sports dances. Youíll get triple benefit: youíll be healthy, youíll spend a good free time, and youíll find new friends with common interests, for example sport.

Fourthly: it is necessary to get acquainted with new people and make new friends, but you need to stay free and independent from oneís pressure. It is not necessary to be social smoker, only because all your friends like to smoke. Only you can make a choice whether to smoke or not. Itís your choice, but not your friendsí one. They cannot make up your mind, you need to make your own decision. If you do not smoke it does not matter that you are weak, not old enough, or that you are a "white crow". If your friend offers you to smoke and you do not want to do this, you should not agree. You can and you should refuse.

If you are not smoking that means that you make a choice in favor of health. True friends should understand it and respect your choice.

Fifthly: do not spend your money on "smoke". Save and spend them on some interesting things, for example on clothes, new computer games, on visit to the internet club, or even night club. Note: if a person smokes about one pack of cigarettes per week, he or she spends about 104 s.u., if one pack costs 2 s.u., or about 160 s.u., if one pack costs 3 s.u.

Sixthly: do not get into a cage called "tobacco". Smoking is a kind of cage. It is easy to get into it, and difficult to get out. If you get in to it the cigarette starts to control you. Remember that nicotine contains in all sorts of cigarettes, or cigars, and it causes dependence. Be free from tobacco. Control your life. Do not allow cigarette to control you.

Seventhly: if you have already start to smoke and do it rather regularly, there comes a time to stop to do it. Youíll get double benefit: youíll save you health and cash. Besides nonsmokers have healthy, beautiful look. You, your clothes, hair, mouth will smell fine. You will have clean white teeth and shining smile.

Always make a choice in favor of your health!

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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