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Stop! Throw cigarette away! Do not smoke!Nicotine addiction and alcoholismThink better of it! Refuse from alcoholic drinks!

What a teenager should do to avoid the use alcohol

First: you should know all the truth about alcohol and our project will help you.

Secondly: try not to take alcohol including beer before physical maturity. It is considered that one becomes physically mature when he or she reaches the age of 18.

Thirdly: you need to do physical exercises, or to go in for sports, or even to go in for athletic dancing. You will gain triple benefit: youíll become healthier, youíll spend a good free time, youíll make new friends, which will have common interests with you.

Fourthly: If you are tormented by thirst, drink something non-alcoholic, even if it will be more expensive, than beer. Remember that alcohol removes water from you organism and thus cannot help to slake your thirst.

By refusing from alcoholic drinks you make a choice in favor of health. True friends must understand it and respect your choice.

Fifthly: do not spend your money on beer or any other alcoholic drinks. Save your money and spend them on interesting things, for example on fashionable clothes, new computer games, on internet-club, or even on disco club.

Sixthly: donít think that you are the only who do not want to take alcohol. There are a lot of people like you.

Always make choice in favor of health!

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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What a teenager should do to avoid the use alcohol
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