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Harm of passive smoking

When a person smokes, that smoke penetrates not only into smokersí lungs, but lungs of nonsmokers around them as well. As a result we become passive smokers, inhaling tobacco smoke.

We may become passive smokers in restaurants and cafes, where there is always tobacco smoke in the air, or in a company, where some people smoke, or even at home, if one of our relatives smokes.

According to research data spouses of smokers more often suffer from cardiovascular diseases and bronchial asthma and at average die on 4 years earlier than those, whose husbands or wives do not smoke.

Children of smoking parents lose haring abilities.

Children of smoking parents suffer from teeth damages.

If a pregnant woman smokes, her child becomes a passive smoker in her womb too. Note that children of smoking pregnant women are born premature with light weight.

Passive smoking is harmful to the same extent as tobacco smoking is. Passive smokers can suffer from respiratory tracts diseases, asthma or even cancer.

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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