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What happens as a result of alcohol abuse during a long period of time

Alcohol abuse is a regular use of large amount of alcohol during a long period of time. Long alcohol abuse increases risk of development of different serious diseases and leads toward untimely death.

Long alcohol abuse causes following diseases:

  • high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infarction, and stroke. Alcohol, penetrating human organism, promotes increase of blood pressure. The more a person has drunk, the higher is his pressure. The higher is the pressure, the more the load on blood vessels and heart is and the higher the risk of cardiovascular diseases, infarction, and stroke development is;
  • gastric ulcer, liver diseases and liver cirrhosis. Alcohol increases load on all organs of human digestive system, in particular on liver. Liver is the organ that removes alcohol from human organism. The larger is the dose of taken alcohol, the more the load on liver is. Long alcohol abuse leads toward that fact that oneís liver could not cope with alcohol that is constantly received by it and the liver starts to collapse;
  • lips and throat cancer. Medical researches prove that people who suffer from alcohol abuse may have lips and throat cancer. If a person who prefers to drink strong drinks likes to smoke too, the risk of these diseases development increases greatly;
  • psychological problems and depression development. The major parts of those people who abuse alcohol become nervous and irritable. Such psychological state reflects on personís work, on his or her relationships with family and all people round them. Children suffer more often. If a depression develops a person becomes indifferent and loses meaning of life;
  • alcoholism. Alcoholism is emotional and physical dependence of a person from alcohol. If the person is an alcoholic he constantly feels the necessity to take alcoholic drinks. Being an alcoholic the person cannot even control how much he drinks. Alcohol controls the person. Alcohol can replace oneís work, family, health. Alcohol addiction may become the reason of non stoppable drinking. And this in turn will cause alcoholic mania, which is often attended with hallucinations and fuddle. It is often impossible to save a person from death in such condition. Alcohol affects brains and involves untimely death. Every person who fells his or her dependency needs medical treatment. Alcoholism treatment is a long process. During such medical treatment one is not allowed to drink even small amount of alcohol for a long period of time. Alcoholism may develop at any person who suffers from alcoholic abuse.
Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

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