Stop! Throw cigarette away! Do not smoke!Nicotine addiction and alcoholismThink better of it! Refuse from alcoholic drinks!

Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

There are a lot of habits that form at an early age. We live with these habits and they negatively influence on our health. First of all it concerns nicotine addiction (the synonym of tobacco smoking) and alcoholism.

Nicotine addiction — is a bad habit that consists in inhalation of smolder tobacco. It is a kind of toxicomania. It negatively influences on health of smokers and people around them as well. Tobacco smoke besides nicotine contains a lot of combustion products, which possess local irritant, and systemic toxic and carcinogenic action.

Alcoholism — is an excessive use of alcoholic drinks that exert baneful influence on health, way of life, population efficiency, welfare and moral principles of society. Alcohol is incompatible with healthy way of life.

Our project contains no moral admonitions, but only truth about tobacco smoking and alcohol abuse. Always make a choice in favor of health! To make your choice more conscious we will understandably tell you about:

  • tobacco and alcohol;
  • what happens with human organism when tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking;
  • how smoking and alcohol influence on human organism on the first stage (when one has just started to smoke and drink alcohol);
  • how prolonged smoking and alcohol drinking influence on one’s organism;
  • what you should know about tobacco and alcohol if you are going in for sports;
  • popular delusions about tobacco and alcohol;
  • what teenagers should do.
Nicotine addiction and alcoholism

We say No to nicotine addiction!
What do we actually know about tobacco and smoking
What happens with those who smoke tobacco
How cigarette influences on organism of a first-time smoker
What happens as a result of prolonged tobacco smoking
Harm of passive smoking
Tobacco smoking influence on good shape and sports
Popular delusions about tobacco
What a teenager should do in order not to smoke

STOP drink alcohol!
What do we know about alcohol
What does the influence of alcohol on human organism depend on
What happens with human organism as a result of alcohol abuse
What can happen as a result of alcoholic intoxication
What happens as a result of alcohol abuse during a long period of time
In what way alcohol influences on good shape and sports
Popular delusions about alcohol
What a teenager should do to avoid the use alcohol
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